What is Plan the Bruce: Natural Legacy about?

    Our Natural Legacy includes resources and features that we have inherited and will pass on to future generations. It includes forests, wetlands, lakes, and river systems. It includes areas that provide habitat for a wide range of species, including species that are threatened or endangered. It includes areas that connect these features so that nature can work as a "Natural Heritage System." Our Natural Legacy also includes a "Water Resource System" and stone, sand, and gravel resources.

    Our Natural legacy provides opportunities to appreciate nature and to benefit from its resources.  Spending time in nature has proven health benefits. Our natural legacy is also used for drinking water, aggregates, wood and fiber, food, and medicines.

    These resources are significant for our Communities and beyond. For these resources to be sustainable in the long term, management is needed. This starts with identifying where the most important resources are - then, wisely using, enhancing and protecting them. Options can include preservation, maintaining distance between the resource and new development and managing resources to sustain or improve value.  The provincial government provides guidance on several Natural Legacy-related topics that are required to be included in Official Plans.

    Good planning decisions now will ensure our natural environment is protected, balancing needs today with the greater good for generations into the future.

    What will be in the Natural Legacy Discussion Paper?

    The Discussion Paper will include a discussion of natural legacy features and maps to identify a preferred natural environment system for Bruce County. We will cover these topics:

    • What is our Natural Legacy
    • Discussion of Natural Legacy mapping that is available
    • Ecological Targets that can guide Natural Legacy mapping and planning
    • Options for mapping the Natural Environment System to support our Natural Legacy
    • A preferred approach for the Natural Environment System
    • Preliminary guidance for Natural Legacy planning policies

    When will the Discussion Paper be available?

    The Options Interim report will be available for engagement in Q3 2021.

    The Final Discussion Paper will be presented to County Planning and Development Committee when engagement is complete.