What is Plan the Bruce: Homes about?

    Ensuring everyone has a home starts by fostering housing diversity; a mix of single-family homes, multi-residential homes, apartments, and townhouses in a variety of settings. It also means encouraging housing that is compact, near amenities and affordable. In Bruce County, we define affordable housing as costing less than 30% of household income. Planning guides the long-range supply of residential land, the type and density of residential buildings, and the mix of housing in a community; it considers placing housing in locations where individuals can access jobs more easily, taking into account infrastructure requirements, and building communities with amenities to support health and wellbeing. 

    Good planning decisions now can have a positive impact on housing diversity and availability over the next 25 years.

    What will be in the Homes Discussion Paper?

    The paper will include a discussion of housing trends, case studies, and policy options.  We will cover the topics listed below:

    • Factors affecting affordability of housing
    • The current state of housing in Bruce County
    • Market and demographic considerations that will impact future housing needs and trends
    • Policy opportunities to support, require, or incentivize housing diversity and affordability
    • Current policy challenges
    • Actions to support housing

    When will the Discussion Paper be available?

    A draft Discussion Paper will be posted when online engagement is complete.